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Our Mission

We are truly passionate about our profession, and the result is that nearly 100% of our business is by referral from satisfied clients, our trusted loan originators and the most experienced local realtors. Our mission is to carefully guide you through the entire home loan process, so that you feel confident as you make choices about the many options available for your financing strategy. There are three distinct differences which set us apart from the rest: Experience, Efficiency and Commitment. We can help you realize that your home is truly a valuable financial tool, and will help you achieve the dreams and plans they envision for your future. You only think about home financing a few times during your life ~ we think about it every single day. It's your home and your future. It's our profession and our passion. We're ready to work for your best interest.

Affordable Mortgages in Florida

If you've been dreaming of owning a home, applying for a mortgage may be the first step toward achieving your goal. Mortgage Money lending, we believe that we can find an answer to your lending issues, and we'll aim to get you approved for a mortgage that is tailored to your financial situation. We routinely assist clients who are searching for residential or commercial properties, and if you apply with us, we may have some tips that increase your spending power. We realize that home ownership is an enormous commitment, so we aim to use our skills to ensure that you're completely comfortable with your new mortgage. We can explain the different types of mortgages that are available while discussing the benefits that are associated with a particular product. We're dedicated to your satisfaction, and we take pride in our: Flexible office hours, Highly experienced staff and Great rates.


Our Mortgage Connection team has over 40 combined years of experience and knowledge in the mortgage industry. We've seen the ever-changing roller coaster with all of its peaks and drops.


Our efficiency is second to none since we keep our client's file in house throughout the loan process. Also, our underwriter only underwrites for one loan officer saving massive amounts of time.


Our commitment to our clients is to treat each and every client as a family member while maintaining a professional relationship. To be there every step of the way with them.

Our Team

Reggie Gomez

Reggie started in the mortgage business 1999, Reggie has been a mortgage professional striving day in and day out to improve the mortgage process and the integrity upon which it depends. Reggie went to school in West Virginia and New York City he has a diverse background in the financial services industry. Reggie grew up in New Jersey, spending all his summers working at his father’s Grocery store where he learned the dedication to doing things right and the commitment to serving the client. He prides himself on building relationships with the people and clients he works with and loves nothing more than exceeding client expectations, Reggie enjoys traveling and snow skiing.

Carlos Abdala

Senior Loan Officer
Seasoned executive with extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry – Financing, Development, Sales,– with 25 years business experience in Orlando, FL, USA; 35+ years of business experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Owner of an impeccable resume, with proven track record and trustworthy reputation, Carlos is commonly referred to as the go-to person for all things in Real Estate in Central Florida, capable of providing sound advice and results in multiple aspects of the industry. Bilingual. Fluent in English and Portuguese. Cross-Cultural. Having grown up in Brazil, Studied in US, Lived in England. Loan Originator NMLS 1711089

Susan Cox

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"We understand that it's not just a house, it's your home. Your home is one of the largest financial commitments that you will make during your life, and many people view that as meaning just another monthly payment."
Reggie Gomez