Construction Mortgage

A construction mortgage allows you to finance a home improvement or new construction project. The terms and loan programs vary depending on if you are financing a renovation or building a new home from the ground-up.

How do New Consruction Loans Work?

A new construction loan is useful when you’re looking to build and finance the home of your dreams. Typically, for a new construction loan, you only pay interest on the loan during the construction period. Once construction is complete, the loan amount is due, and the construction mortgage turns into a traditional mortgage. At Mortgage Money Lending, we have multiple new construction loan programs so we can match your goals and financial needs to the appropriate loan program. Contact us to get started!

How to Finance a Home Renovation

Financing a renovation allows you to leverage your credit and income to provide for your dream renovations. Whether you are looking to expand your home, create a stunning new kitchen, improve the value of your home, or need a new air conditioning system, a home renovation loan will allow you to do so.

Mortgage Money Lending Can Help You Have Your Dream Home

Whether you are looking to build your dream home or make improvements to your current home, the professionals at Mortgage Money Lending are prepared to make your vision become a reality. With our custom-tailored loan programs and financing expertise, we will ensure that you can responsibly borrow the money you need.